24" Pipe Wrench Handle Extender

24" Pipe Wrench Handle Extender
Item# 24PWHE

Product Description

These Handle Extenders dramatically reduce the force needed to break loose rusted pipe connections and they are safer and lighter than a cheater bar. They provide the same torque with 40% less required force. The Aluminum Pipe Wrench Handle Extender is an idea Ameren came up with to design a safer cheater bar. The five aluminum extenders are each the right diameter and length to fit 14", 18", 24", 36" and 48" aluminum and steel wrenches. They have a pin to keep the wrench from falling out, and the schedule 40 pipe is weak enough to visibly bend when you're pulling too hard. Finally, it has a machine textured grip so your hands don't slip when the handle or your gloves are wet. The idea is being broadly adapted by utilities since Ameren presented the idea at a gas industry conference a couple of years ago.

Handle extender for the 24" wrench is 45" long total, textured grip is 12 long.