48" Pipe Wrench Handle Extender

48" Pipe Wrench Handle Extender
Item# 48PWHE

Product Description

These Handle Extenders dramatically reduce the force needed to break loose rusted pipe connections and they are safer and lighter than a cheater bar. They provide the same torque with about half the force. The Aluminum Pipe Wrench Handle Extender is an idea Ameren came up with to design a safer cheater bar. The five aluminum extenders are each the right diameter and length to fit 14", 18", 24", 36", and 48" aluminum and steel wrenches. They have a pin to keep the wrench from falling out, and the aluminum pipe is weak enough to visibly bend when you're pulling too hard. Finally, it has a machine textured grip so your hands don't slip when the handle or your gloves are wet. The idea is being broadly adapted by utilities since Ameren presented the idea at a gas industry conference several years ago.

Handle extender for the 48" wrench is 80" long when assembled, but comes in two parts for easy storage on truck, weight is 12.5 lbs. It has a shaped end to fit wrench near head. Passed 750 lbs. bend test with a premium brand pipe wrench. Textured grip with a comfortable diameter is 12 long.