D-Grip Handle Drain Spade Toolite Mud Shovel

D-Grip Handle Drain Spade Toolite Mud Shovel
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Product Description

With a standard shovel, you can spend more effort shaking or scraping the mud off than digging. The Toolite Mud Shovel has a blade filled with strategically placed pea-sized holes that allow mud or clay to release from the shovel much more easily and makes it lighter than a similar sized conventional shovel. That combination makes the Toolite shovel a much more effective and efficient tool for digging. Despite the holes in the blade, very little if any material seeps through. This shovel improves productivity and reduces fatigue and risk of injury for gas utility workers or construction crews.

This Drain Spade model has a very sturdy narrow head and is good for mud release when you are in a narrow trench. This model has a 29" Styrene/Fiberglass/Polyproplyene composite handle with a D-Grip which is much stronger and more comfortable than the older fiberglass. Thirteen gauge Tempered Steel Head, Riveted Head-to-Handle Connection. (Ergonomic Tool Catalog # 430)